Current Equpment

Canon EOS R
Canon RF 24-105mm, f/4
Canon RF 35mm, f/1,8
Full frame sensor
UHD 4K film
JPEG, RAW, MP4, H264
High Frame 100fps

Sony RX10-M2 2016
Zeiss 24-200mm (bridge), f/2,8
1” CMOS sensor,
4K film
UHR 250/500/1000fps

Canon EOS M
Canon 18-55mm, f/3,5
Canon 55-200mm, f/4,5
Meike 35mm, f/1,7

3⁄4 APS-C sensor,
HD1080/30p/25p/24p, HD720/60p/50p

I’ve always had a passion for photography, since secondary school. It was just something my friends and I used to have as a hobby, making videos and editing them. But my long lost passion began in 2014 when I got my own first camera (tired of using the digital camera I bought for concert purposes, which nonetheless had served me well). That same year, I started studying Film & TV Production, learning about everything film and media. In 2017 I got my Bachelors Degree of Arts in Moving Image Production. Now, I’m considering studying cinematography too…

My name is Margarita Sheremet and I’m a 25 y/o photographer, cinematographer, and editor.

I’ve learned that my camera doesn’t define me as a photographer. You do your best with what you’ve got. This way, I’ve gained a lot of confidence and knowledge. Some of my best work has been shot with my iPhone (“The Undisturbed” series) and a small digital camera (“The 1975” series). But what I absolutely love working with is professional equipment, such as Red and Alexa. Cinematography to me is a challenge and an art form. You’re making technology and your creativity work at the same time. It’s choice of lenses, format, composition and color that will fit and benefit the shot both artistically and visually. So I try to get as much experience as I possibly can, on set and from books. You gotta know the rules before you can break them. Knowledge truly is power.


Avid Media Composer (V8.0 Certified User)
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop